A Soul in the Wind

Soul in the Wind by Richard Finegold.

“…engaging and often hilarious…will make you laugh out loud…a great novel…” Tyler R. Tichelaar, Reader Views “The signal success of a Soul in the Wind is nothing less than the capture of entire life, and with a voice so sparklingly alive and so rich in companionable nuance that the book quickly grows on the reader like a best friend…” Christopher Noel, author of In the Unlikely Event of a Water Lading and Impossible Visits “…is good is funny, is sad, and made up of all the elements defining life…has the making of a classic…a tale that should be read.” Don Canaan, Editor Israelfaxx.com “5 stars…Drama, hyperbole, and adding just the right amount of humor…A Soul in the Wind is an entertaining read…Gideon comes life on the pages…not a book you read and forget about.” Debra Gaynor, Review YourBook.com In 1946, Gideon Fruitman slid prematurely into the world to find himself in the back of an ambulance speeding toward the hospital through a blinding snowstorm and that was the easy part! Over the next five decades, his humorous but often tragic journey reflects mankind’s struggle to understand and survive the forces that shape the human condition. A Soul in the Wind in truly everyone’s story, but it especially weaves itself into the fabric of the post World War II generation, who were privileged to be part of the ever changing landscape of the last half of twentieth century. The philosophy, the politics, and even the music of this exciting period are reexamined as Gideon searches for success, love, and sex in a world that constantly challenges his longing to find Paradise. A portrait of Gideon emerges as we are given a look inside a mind locked in overdrive, leaving the reader questioning his own path through life, and the dreams that got away.

About the Author:
Richard Finegold is a graduate of Cornell University.
He is married, with three children, and resides in San Diego, California.

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