The Raven and the Owl

Abigail CrumbCake’s debut children’s book, THE RAVEN AND THE OWL is a fully illustrated journey about recognizing and understanding our similarities and our differences. Set in the skies above a beautiful city park, Raven and Owl discover just what makes them special when they’re introduced to Bat – three individuals whose paths might not otherwise cross if not for the circumstances of this special day.

When the winged friends learn about each other’s unique talents of sight and hearing that allow them to navigate the skies, our children are shown that differences, though sometimes great, are what make us special.

CrumbCake teaches us that rather than dividing us, our differences make us special. No matter if we’re like the Raven, who flies by day; the Bat, who searches for food under cover of night; or the Owl, who can adapt to both.

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Abigail CrumbCake & Nicholas D. Nienhaus are the authors of The Raven and the Owl.