Jack Nicholson in Space

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He’s da man, Diddy.- Magic Johnson, Former LA Lakers basketball star and favorite golfing buddy of Jack Nicholson.

Fake and complete nonsense. The author is also a complete idiot and I have never read this.- Donald Trump, current real US president.

One of the best books I’ve written!- Martin Chiles, me the first time author of Jack Nicholson in Space.

Jack Nicholson in Space

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1 review for Jack Nicholson in Space

  1. Mack Davis

    Looking forward to the release of Jack Nicholson In Space.
    I give a rating of 5 stars on the book cover design.

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Martin Chiles

- About the author -

Martin Chiles is a former astronomer who spent a lot of time on remote mountain tops wondering when some aliens would show up and take him to visit their home planet. He waited and waited and decided to watch some movies to pass the time. This is how he came up with the idea for his first novel "Jack Nicholson in Space". He lives near San Francisco, California and tries to spend as much time as possible walking underneath trees.