About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a universal passion for reading by partnering with authors to help create stories and communicate ideas that inform, entertain, and inspire – and to connect them with readers everywhere. We are an international home to nearly 400 editorially and creatively independent publishing imprints.

What We Do

We strive to provide authors with the greatest platform possible by employing our global reach, embracing new technologies, and collaborating with authors at every stage of the publishing process from design and editorial, to sales and marketing, to production and distribution.

We fiercely protect our authors’ intellectual property and freedom of expression, ensuring that their voices carry beyond the page and into the folds of societies and communities around the globe. Our steadfast team of publishing professionals is committed to helping authors realize their very best work by introducing their stories and ideas to audiences worldwide.

Who is Churchell Hill?

Churchell Hill Publishers was established in the early 1800s with a focus on small-press publications in London, United Kingdom. Over time, Churchell Hill has grown into a boutique publishing acquisitions firm and house. We are not a self-publisher.

Churchell Hill does not charge a fee for service. Here’s how that works: We accept all genres of manuscripts for submission, as long as the manuscript meets our legal and publication requirements. Our submissions committee based in New York and London will review the manuscript for content. If the manuscript meets eligibility requirements, the author will receive a letter of engagement and a non-disclosure agreement allowing our team of editors to review the full manuscript for committee review and approval. We don’t charge a fee for a commentary book review, either. We don’t charge anything to have your manuscript approved for publication.

Simply put, Churchell Hill will not charge any author any fees for publication. We are an acquisitions publisher, meaning that we invest into the author’s book.

We pay for everything, including full publishing rights to distribute your book with our worldwide distributors, meaning your book will enjoy both international and domestic distribution. Additionally, Churchell Hill handles all of your advertising and marketing, public relations, and associated legal costs, which includes copyright and trademarks.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t any. We provide a full service publishing firm and house for authors that meet our publishing requirements. We also provide services for authors who need basic help or guidance to get their manuscript in the condition that is needed to meet our requirements. Our editors can help an author who may need editing, illustrations, or book design to meet our requirements.

It is the responsibility of the author to pay for outsourced contracted work because Churchell Hill cannot accept any intellectual property from an author until an offer letter and contract is afforded to said author. Churchell Hill does not accept any money from outsourced editors.

What are we about?

We operate under our umbrella company, Churchell Hill Van Cleef Holdings, Ltd, which is located in New York, London, Copenhagen, and Belgium.

We are sixty percent owned by the prestigious private equity firm Bergman, Van Holtsberg & Preqin Partners. Our business holdings allow us to underwrite our own publishing contracts and offer the best possible publishing experience to our authors.

Royalty payments and advancements are standard if you meet the publishing firms criteria. Our royalty payments are standard in the world of publishing and we offer first time authors twenty percent with 5,000 or fewer books.

Should your book be a wild success (which we like to see!), we offer above scale royalty payments and advancements to keep you writing towards your next book. Our submissions process is as unique as it is simple. If you are or ever have been self-published, we can review your work free of charge. We do not charge fees like other publishing companies do – we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for your hard earned manuscripts to be published at your own expense. “Let us do that for you.”

Being published into today’s market is expensive and difficult work. Let Churchell Hill evaluate your book or manuscript for proper publication review.

We would love to hear from you: Submissions@ChurchellHillBooks.com



Robert S. Hunt, Publisher

Churchell Hill Van Cleef Holdings, Ltd